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Provo, Utah, Locust in Blue Cropped Tree Ring - 24x36 print

Provo, Utah, Locust in Blue Cropped Tree Ring - 24x36 print

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Blue tree ring print, hand made from a real tree. This particular print was used by Joanna Gaines in her redo of the Waco loft on the "Fixer Upper". Printed in blue ink and pressed from a black locust tree.

Each print is original hand pulled with a slightly textured blue or black ink. The tree is from the property of an old pioneer home in Provo, Utah.

As an artist, my purpose is to reveal the artistry that exists in nature and to present it in a way that is accessible enough to hang on a wall in your home. I also want to bring our attention to our impact on the landscapes that surround us. These tree ring prints help us see our place in a much larger historical context and hopefully each ring makes us reflect on the limited time that we have in this beautiful landscape. Made from previously fallen wood.

All prints are made by hand using the traditional woodblock method.

Ships within 3-5 business days in a sturdy tube for safe delivery.

This listing:

Material: 100lb acid free paper

Size: 24x36 inches

Type: Black Locust

Paint: High quality textured ink.

Ships in a sturdy tube Inquire about custom orders, frames, and wholesale options.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is free for basic economy rates. Upgraded shipping available to select when you check out.

I sign each print because I stand by my work. If you’re not happy with the artwork I will give you a full refund or exchange, no questions asked.


I’m not currently shipping with frames because I’ve had too many frames get damaged during shipping. But don’t hesitate to ask me for suggestions.

The paper I use for my pieces is high quality and does not require glass over it when framing. Most standard sized frames will work just fine. If you take the artwork to a professional framer, I would suggest asking for dry mounting.

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